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24 Hours Emergency

El nostre hospital compta amb un servei d'urgències 24 hores

We can’t predict when you may need emergency veterinary care. The veterinary hospital Vet24 has a team of veterinarians and veterinary nurses available 24 hours a day 365 days a year with all the equipment needed to diagnose and treat your best friend.

My pet is sick, do I need emergency veterinary care? It is often difficult for the owner to know if your pet needs an emergency service or can stay at home. We encourage all owners with questions to call us.

It is important to determine the state of the animal. Assessing the respiratory system, cardiovascular, central nervous system and urogenital system we will have enough information to know whether we should attend your pet as an emergency or not.

If your pet shows some of the following signs, we strongly recomend a visit to our facilities:

  • - Shallow breath
  • - Bleeding
  • - Loss of consciousness, seizures, circling
  • - Heatstroke (see our heatstroke page)
  • - Non productive vomit or retching
  • - Distended abdomen especially in large breed dogs
  • - Trauma (hit by a car)
  • - Severe vomiting or diarrhoea
  • - Pale or cyanotic mucous membranes
  • - Eye injuries
  • - Straining to urinate
  • - Ingestion of toxins and foreign bodies
  • - Severe pain
  • - Dystocia (see our pregnancy page)
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